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Hi—I'm Brian. Welcome to my passion.

My story starts like plenty of others'. I grew up in a small town of roughly 6,000 people and always had the itch of getting out. But I never did. I went to school down the road, then went to college down the road.

After pursuing a career as a soccer player and failing, I fell into a routine. I got a marketing job at a large company, then did that job at a handful more companies. But then that itch came crawling back in.

I was settled in a relationship. I was settled in a job and career. But I felt somehow like I had no identity. I reflected back on my time growing up when I was the happiest: with a camcorder in my hands, making stupid videos with friends.

So I spent a majority of my savings on a camera. My relationship crumbled. My company laid me off. Back where I started in the same small town, with nothing but me and my camera.


I doubled down. I packed my compact car up and drove across the country to Los Angeles.

I knew no one. Then I made some friends. Good ones who supported my dream and wanted to see me grow. I took a chance on myself. One opportunity led to another. Then people and brands took a chance on me. Then I gained trust with their vision.

And now, here we are.


Creating with a purpose.

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